“Where on earth could the 5-pocket model for 200 years the emblem of blue jeans, the most basic, iconic and global model in the history of apparel – be re-invented if not in Italy?

The “coinpocket” is replaced by the T-RED label, which forsakes its position on the back of the jeans, between the belt and the pocket, to become a front pocket, fifth pocket to all intents and purposes, while turning into its distinguishing style feature too.
The traditional rules are overridden, pockets, back label, positions are redesigned according to new-fangled aesthetics.
Vanguard and purism all-in-one.

The Jeans, the most iconic apparel item ever, are rich in history, imagery, notions, flash-backs, memories, experiences, and fragments of emotions we lived. T-RED team have gathered all this information, re-elaborated them and imbued them with a brand-new code, a recognizable, distinguishing one.

The back label becomes a crust leather, reversed Suede, pocket be a ring a fire – branded T as the only reference to Western imagery. A tattoo that will, metaphorically, leave its mark also on the skin of those who wear T-RED, because T-RED is “clubby”, meant for aesthetes, beauty lovers, collectors, Denim-Fanatics.
It draws inspiration from a certain crust leather sneaker scenario, a tale of elective affinities, which is just the incipit of a story, because each pair of T-RED jeans will be the protagonist of a different story, in symbiosis with those who wear them”

TLS – Denim Magazine